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2018 Best PC Screen Video Recorder App

Are you a blogger or an instructor? Do you have a YouTube Channel or other website, blog or social media site that you will like to upload your video? You don’t need to surf the net again as this video is purely for you.

Today I will be teaching you how to do screen video on your personal computer (PC).

Their tons of Screen Video Application online but today I will be introducing you to one of the best application ever, SRecorder (Screen Recorder). This is the application I have been using for years now and it really works fine for me.

Watch How to do Screen Recorder on any version of OS Computer 

Does the video help? Continue reading if no.


Screen Recorder is a screen video recorder that is the best use on a computer. Screen Recorder is a free app, no paid plan for now.


Some of the advantages of a screen recorder are;

  •      You can specify the width and the height of your video.
  •      It captures audio background for those that might like to play music or do voice recording.
  •      You can share directly with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+,
  •      You can upload your video directly to Screen Recorder Server for backup purpose.


To download screen recorder, go to the Screen Recorder site through this link (www.screenrecorder.com), then download the app.



Open the application (Right click and click open)
Sometimes when you right click on the icon on your desktop, it may not open because it will open the app in the ‘hidden icon’ or ‘taskbar tray’ as you can see in item 1 above.


Drag the cursor to draw your width and height of your screen video of your choice. Using the photo above, as an illustration, the height of the screen video is 736 while the width is 656. While item three is the selected area you drag your cursor to.
Item 3 is also known a ‘Select the Area’, that is, the selected area or wherever you drag your cursor to, that is the only area that will be captured as your video, so anything you wish to screen record must not exceed your selected area and if it does, drag the table/window to your selected area.


Item four pointed to ‘Red Dot’ which means record button. When you click on the record button or red button, the video will start counting. And beside it, is a stop recording button you can use to stop recording the video. See it below.


When you are done recording your video/project, click on stop recording. Then you should see what to do next as you can see from the photo below.
The ‘Save icon’ allow you to save your video on your computer.
The ‘Upload icon’ allows you to save your video on Screen Recorder server as to free your local disk space on your computer. You will need internet access to do this.
The ‘Share icon’ allows you to share your project/video directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
The ‘X icon’ simply means close. When you click on it, it will close the project without saving.


How to add Share Button to your Blogger Site

Adding Share Button to your site is a good idea to expose your creativity to all social media website with ease.

Today I will be teaching you how to integrate floating, inline or static social button icon to your blogger site. The process is very simple.

There are two ways you can integrate the Share Button to your sites;

1. Pasting the Snippet code through the Blog Layout

Copy the code snippet below and adds it to any page you want it to appear or paste the snippet code inside the blogger template theme immediately before the body end tag. 

Copy the code before the < /body> end tag.

  • à Login to your Dashboard 
  • à Click on Layout Menu
  • à Before the footer click on 'Add a Gadget'
  • à Select HTML/Javascript
  • à Paste the code 
 <!-- Share Button -->
    <script src='//s7.addthis.com/js/300/addthis_widget.js#pubid=ra-5bd4a98a660bda62' type='text/javascript'/>
      <!-- /Share Button -->
  • à Save it

2. Pasting the Snippet code inside the Theme Template

I will recommend this stage for you because it helps your site to load faster when you add third-party snippet code just before the body </ body> closing tag.
My reasons; too much of third-party snippet code or script will slow down your site, but when you place your code immediately before the body end tag, your site will load faster because, before other script or snippet load, your site links would have been loaded successfully.

Copy the theme above and follow these procedures;

  • Login to your Dashboard 
  • Click on Theme Menu
  • Click on 'Edit HTML'
  • Search for the < /body>, or use your keyboard command,  using Ctrl + F
  • Paste the code immediately before the closing of the body tag as seen in the image above.
 <!-- Share Button -->
    <script src='//s7.addthis.com/js/300/addthis_widget.js#pubid=ra-5bd4a98a660bda62' type='text/javascript'/>
      <!-- /Share Button -->
  • à Save it

AddThis is Free Website tools such as, Share button, Follow Button, Link Promotion, List Building, and Related Post. It is a website that anchors floating website tools I have been writing about. 

You can take control over the share button and where you want your share button to appear. To take control over your website tools, visit AddThis.com, register as a new user then create your own floating social share button, Related Post, List Building and many more.

This is all it takes to integrate share button to your blog. Should there be any suggestion while reading this post, kindly use the comment box. 

How to Remove LinkWithin Related Post on Blogger Homepage

I posted how you can add Related Post to your BlogSpot recently. I already told you that related post in a blog is what keeps your blog alive. Most times, it keeps your users busy reading what you have posted on your blog which increases the rank of your page visit and boosts your search engine rank.

Not everyone like a third-party widget to display their credit links on their blog. It’ll make your blog look amateur. An expert should learn how to get rid third-party credit. One may ask, it appropriate to do away with third-party credit? The truth is everyone is looking for a way to refer people to what they do.

Most third-party put their credit link to what they do/apps because they want to remain the founder of the product and service they may be rendering to the public. Meanwhile, some of this credit links slow down sites. An SEO expert should be mindful of too many script or JavaScript as it slows down your website.

Watch the video below to see how to set up your LinkWithin related post widget in few minutes or read how to set it up steps by steps.

I assume you have watched or read the post above. You are aware of how to set it up so I don’t need to tell you to do it like a novice anymore. The steps are simple, please take caution of it;

Step 1: Login to your Blog Dashboard

Step 2: Visit www.LinkWithin.com website

Step 3: Fill the required/necessary details and click ‘Get Widget’

Step 4: Before clicking on Add Widget à click on Install Widget

Step 5: Select your Blog à Change the Title: to Related Post

Step 6: Click on ‘Edit Content’ and add the below code to it

<b:includable id="main"><data:content /></b:includable>
Step 7: Now, replace the above with:
<b:includable id="main"><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'><data:content /></b:if></b:includable>

Final Step: Click on Add Widget

This is all you need. This will take two hours to be effective, your LinkWithing Related post will go off from your web page and reappear after two hours. 

Does this post solve your problem? Leave a comment below, I will address it soonest. 

Adding Related Post to Your BlogSpot

Related post in a blog is what keeps your blog alive. Most times, it keeps your users busy reading what you have posted on your blog which increases the rank of your page visit and boosts your search engine rank.

Their lot of related post widget you can use for your blog but among all, I see LinkWithin post related post to be number one of all.

Not everyone like a third-party widget to display their credit links on their blog, so click here to learn how to remove LinkWithin credit link from your blog.

Watch the video below to see how to set up your related post in a few minutes.


Why LinkWithin?

One of the advantages of LinkWithin is no sign up required.

LinkWithin will index your blog makes use of your Archive, tags, and label, not just your recent stories but making them assessable to new casual readers of your blog who would not otherwise encounter them
It loads faster and increases pageview of your blog which is advisable for a blogger that is mindful of his or her SEO rank.

The truth is, I don’t use LinkWithin for my blog because I am using a premium template and adding a free widget to a premium template would sound amateur. However, I will advise you to go for a premium template for your Blog, you can write Oyeniyi Olayemi Samuel, he is an expert in converting and setting up the free template and makes it new for as low as $15 (N5,400).

How do I set it up?

There two ways you can add LinkWithin to your blog. The first step is adding it as a Widget to your blog layout. While the second step is adding it to your theme template. I will recommend the second option, adding it to your theme template, just before the closing of </body>, this will help your blog to load faster. Whichever way you choose is super fine anyway.

Let dig into it;

Step 1: Login to your Blogger Dashboard

Search www.Blogger.com à Sign in.

Step 2: Visit the LinkWithin Website

After signing in to your Blogger Dashboard, open a new tab and search for www.LinkWithin.com. Fill the details below;

Your email: example@email.com

Platform: (Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, etc.),

Width: This means the number is stories you want to be on every post as a related post. By the default on LinkWithin, the numbers of stories are 3, but I will recommend you select 5 stories, the choice is yours.

Select ‘My blog has light text on a dark background’ if your blog background is dark or black.

Click on ‘Get Widget’

Step 3: Install Widget

Click Install Widget to open Blogger in a new window and follow this steps;

Select your blog à Rename LinkWithin to Related Post à Click Add Widget.

By default, the widget will be added to the right sidebar at the top. Drag it o the bottom of the body element.

It will take 20Minutes and sometimes 2hours before it will start showing, kindly exercise patience.

Let me know if the post works for you. Let hear you out using the comment tab. 

How to Self-Publish your Book on Amazon in few minutes

Gone are the days I spent my precious time researching how much it will take me to publish my book in some of the noble publishing company. You all know what that means? I bet you, is not easy.

Unlike the old-time religion (old days), thanks to Charles Babbage, the father of Computer and Vint Cerf the father of the internet. Without the internet, think of how 21st century would have been, No Facebook, no Twitter, no LinkedIn, no YouTube, no Amazon, and another social platform that time may not permit me to tell.

Having taken my time to make some research on how to self-publish my books on the internet at no cost, I felt there is need I must share it as to guide to those who might be in need of this golden ideas or should I say opportunity? Yes, it an opportunity to make research and get an answer to what you are researching about.

Today I will be teaching you how to self-publish your book on Amazon.com.

Why Amazon.com?

  • Many of us know Amazon to be a shopping site where you buy books, electronics, clothes, and other accessories, but it is more than what you can imagine. There are a lot of things to dig for on Amazon:
  • Amazing according to Alexa Rank is the number three, most searched, visited, and viewed in the world.
  • Think of the marketing aspect. Amazon kills it all, immediately you start selling a certain number of copies, leave the rest for Amazon, it refers your book to others who have never heard of you, including friends of friends.
  • Amazon is the easiest of all to self-publish your books.
  • You earn for publishing your books on Amazon.
  • Amazon rules the world online book market

Does Amazon have set-back at all?

Of course, yes! I am not saying Amazon is the best. Everybody or organization has a shortcoming. Their lot of online publishing company you should look out to, compare and contrast their features and benefits. Am only trying to make you see a reason why you should try Amazon or how to self-publish your book on Amazon.

You can get your message go viral and make cool money using nothing more than a keyboard and your brain. Let go into the business;

 Lifematics 101

Step 1: Write, Proofread, Edit

When writing e-Book publishing, these are steps you should consider;
  1. Pen down your ideas. Be passionate in penning down ideas on a white blank page on directly to your electronic device like iPad, iPhone, Tablet or Computer but I will advise you exhibit the habit of writing down your creative ideas always.
  2. Cultivate the habit of reviewing your journal. This is where you spend time developing your ideas and actualizing or correcting it. Share it with few close friends for feedback.
  3. Let editorial chief do the last reading. When I say editorial chief, I mean let someone who is inclined do the editing of your book for you. I will write to you in my next post on Grammar and Article editor site that will proofread your books for you. To get my update in my next book kindly subscribe to my blog or follow me via email.

 Lifematics 101 on Amazon

Step 2: Format and Design your Paper Cover

Take the step you are about to read serious it worth dying for:
  1. Format your book on Kindle. You can do this yourself when you take your time to master Amazon Kindle Book Guideline. But I will recommend you give it to an expert to do it for you. It does not matter if it will attract a few hundred dollars, note that, this is your life. What you sold out will be with your reader for life. When you sold out rubbish, someday it will become a slap on you.
  2. Design your paperback. Amazon presents two ways to do this. you can design your paper book using Amazon Platform. This is not ideal, maybe because the whole of the paperback will be mainly in text and not organic. You need a good design for your cover, what you present is what you will get. The charming design you put it for your paper cover will determine the attractiveness of your reader. Don’t give your cover page to a novice except you want your book to remain a history. Consider getting a professional graphics design on 99DESIGNS or CROWDSPRING, both affordable crowdsourcing services. Convert your design cover to JPEG file and at least 2500pixels on the longest side with a height and weight ratio of 1.6.
  3. Get friends feedback. As am nailing it to get your ideas proofread is the same way am exploring you to get friends to feedback for your paper cover.
  4. Read Amazon Format and Design Guideline here 

 Step 3: Self-Publishing

This is why you land on my web page, take time to skim through vividly. The truth is, it shouldn’t take you more than this simple twelve steps;

  1. Go to www.kdp.amazon.com, It is recommended you register and if you have an account sign in to your dashboard.
  2. Register for your Tax, if you are a none US Citizen
  3. Click on Bookshelf
  4. Add New Title, fill out the required blank question. question. Ensure you input accurate answer.
  5. Upload your Paper Cover file (JPEG format)
  6. Upload your Kindle format book. I will recommend you download Kindle Book Creator to finalize your book. Click here to download Amazon Kindle Book Apps for PC.
  7. Preview your book with Amazon online viewer to see it look good.
  8. Save and continue to the next stage. Set your price. When placing your price, consider your reader. As an upcoming writer, set yours to the minimal $0.99. The little token you place, the higher you watch your reader grow higher.
  9. When choosing ‘Right’, choose ‘Worldwide Right’
  10. Consider choosing a 70% royalty rate. Also, note that most e-Books are priced $1-9.99 (This is what I recommend to maximize your royalty rate).
  11. Save and Publish
  12. Your publication takes 24hrs – 48hrs. You’ll get email notification as soon as is ready.

Step 4: Readers Review

Now that your book is set. Try your best to get a review from your reader. how do you do that? Share your links to your friends, family, and acquittance, pacify them to leave an ethical review. I can assure you that a published book with a low purchase is due to the low ethical review. Compare my guy book, Kawasaki and Seth Godin to an upcoming author, who do you expect to make the highest purchase? Go after securing a good reputation first then go after wealth.

Lifematics 101  Google Search

Step 5: Promote your book

Everybody is a salesperson. Even the life we live is a sales marketing. Go ahead and market yourself. Market your book, the best that Amazon will do for you is to publish your book free and make it available on Amazon Book Store, and that’s all, no marketing except you select the option which attracts few dollars.
However, consider marketing your book through social media, Email marketing, Blog, Book Shopping sites, advertiser website and many more.

Make your e-Book a giveaway. Brandon Clements, a prominent writer who struggle to sell more than hundred copies of his novel in a year, decided to give away the e-Book version. And guess what, over 60,000 downloaded it. The next week he sold another 2,000 Copies.

Do the marketing daily to keep your name and your book, alive.

This is my simple trick to get self-publish your book on Amazon. The days of waiting years to be picked and published are over. So, what is hindering you? Do you need a push-up or what? Use the comment to tell me what you need and how I can be of help to you.


Become a Baxi Box Agent with 3,000 Naira and employ others

Can you actually employ other people for working for you, with just N3,000 naira only? Well, let dig into it.

What is Baxi Box?

Baxi Box is an everyday digital payment solution, and BaxiBox is a portable and movable multifunctional device linked to various services.

How does it work?

Baxi Box is a self-service device. The Device itself is an Android Device accessibility.
The POS comes with three (3) Sim Card Slot. By default, you will be given two Sim Card (Etisalat and MTN). On this Sim Card, you’ll have free internet access. The POS is 4G Lite enable device.
After purchase, the device is yours. You have the right of ownership on the device.
On each transaction you do on Baxi Box Mobile App and Baxi Box POS, you'll earn commission aside from your own charges.

Please click here to read our Frequently Answer Question Baxi Box.

Services on the Baxi Box

Right now, there are over 36 services on the Baxi Box that you can explore.
On Baxi Box, you can subscribe to your favorite;
1.   Pay-Tv Bills Station: (DSTV, GOTV, Startime, Consat, Spectranet, Smile, Bulk SMS, etc.)
2.   Education: WAEC
3.   Pay your Electricity Bills: (Ikeja Electric, Ibadan, Enugu Disco, Kano, Kaduna Electric, Port-Harcourt Electric, Abuja Electric, etc)
4.   Airtime: (MTN, 9Mobile, Glo, Airtel),
5.   Gaming: (Golden Chance Lotto, Paddy Bet, Naija Lottery, etc)
6.   Insurance: (Leadway and Cornerstone)
7.   Utility: (Lekki Toll Gate)
8.   Bank Transfer: (GTBank, WEMA, ECOBANK, Felt Wallet, etc)
9.   And many more.

What is the difference between Baxi Box POS and Bank POS?

Bank POS is a program to carry out a specific transaction while Baxi Box POS is designed to carry out various services.

What is the component of Baxi Box?

The Baxi Box comes in three different way. We have Baxi Box Desktop, Baxi Box POS and Baxi Mobile App.
Right now, the product available is for purchase are Baxi Box POS and Baxi Mobile App.

What is the different Between Baxi Box Desktop, Baxi POS and Baxi Mobile App?

1.   Baxi Box Desktop on its own can carry out all transaction without anything attached to it. However, to carry out ATM Card transaction, you will need PIN PAD to carry on the transaction successfully. The Pin Pad allows the customer to input their ATM Pin for a smooth transaction.
2.   Baxi Box POS, on the other hand, does not need Pin Pad to carry out the transaction. It carries out both cash and ATM card transaction successfully.
3.   Baxi Box Mobile App is the easiest of all. It also carries out all the transaction that the Baxi Box Desktop and Baxi Mobile carry out. The only differences are; the POS service is 35+ while the mobile app service is 24 in number. All card transaction is not on the Baxi Mobile App and the agent will need Bluetooth Printer in other to print out a receipt for his/her customer.

The benefit of being a Baxi Box Agent

1.   Baxi Box has a large bouquet of products that will appeal to a wide range of customers
2.   This will help drive traffic to client location for bill payments and vas service and agent shop becomes the convergence for digital services 
3.   Instant commission generated from every transaction
4.   Mobile nature of the device allows flexibility in service delivery.
5.   Reduced risk of theft as all transaction is not physical but through the box


1.   Baxi Box Mobile App = 3,000
2.   Baxi Box Mobile App and Bluetooth Printer = 20,000
3.   Baxi Box POS = 95,000
4.   Baxi Box Desktop without Pin Pad = 95,000
5.   Baxi Box Desktop with Pin Pad = 110,750

The mobile apps work on any Android version (V. 4.4 and above) only.

Value Added Services

Free training on how to operate the Baxi Box and Mobile App


Further Enquires?

Contact Samuel on 08097489596 (Social Media Marketer)
Office Address: Block 1, Suite 6, Oodua shopping complex, 384, Ikorodu Road, Ojota Lagos.

Should question arises when reading this post, feel free to leave a message using the comment box? 


Resolve blank photo in WordPress gallery and post in 4min.

One of our fans requested for a solution to Blank Images on WordPress Blog Post and Gallery. Having gone through a series of researches online, we realize by the statistic that over 42% of WordPress users are facing this challenge. Why this is happening we are yet to finalize, as a response on WordPress community still lacks responses by the WordPress staff.
However, in this post, I will be teaching you a working tweak to enable your Blog Post Images to display in 4min.

Here is our fans message;

"I log on to my WordPress Dashboard and I tried to post a post. After writing my long epistle, I wanted to use my already downloaded photo that is on my site as my Feature Image, to my surprise everything went blank. I could not see my photos; they all turn to blank gray color. I uploaded a new photo, after uploading; the new photo went blank too. I try uploading it on through my Media Library still no fruitful result.

I have deactivated all the plugins, deleted some and try to do a website reset using another plugins. I have used photo optimization plugin to optimize my photos. I have restored my workspace on my hosting site. I am using latest version of WordPress. I have also tried a new theme, but all seems to be in vain.

I have called my hosting company. Spent almost an hour talking to robot on cell phone. You know what it takes for your hosting company to spent 1hrs looking for an error on your site and still, they cannot resolve it. And the final suggestion is “We are restoring you back to the previous version”. After the degrading, no good result. Bullshit!

I wonder if this cannot be restored or someone has hacked my WordPress account. Could this be virus?Where do I start from? Those photos on my site are my creative works. How could this be? What is the solution to blank images on gallery and post?"

This is not a virus. This can be resolved. Kindly watch my four minutes of video or read on to my conclusion.


To resolve your blank images. Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Check if your photo is showing on your WordPress Library.

Step 2: Go to your CPanel and Backup your site.

Step 3: Download your .htaccess file (open wp-admin folder and download your .htaccess)

Step 4: After downloading, RENAME the .htaccess to .htaccess.old on your CPanel.

Step 5: Save your RENAMED .htaccess and Reload your WordPress.

Note: This process is applicable to all hosting company.

Let me know if this method works for you.


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